About The Andrew V. Hall Celebrity Golf Classic

Here's how it all started. Our good buddy Andy was headed off to the Navy. We thought it would be a nice gesture to hold a golf tournament in his honor before he went away. So, the planning started. [who] went out an bought a plaque to commemorate the event entitled "Andrew V. Hall Celebrity Golf Classic." But unfortunately the founders attention was diverted from the planning and the tournament never happened before Andy headed off to the Navy. So, the first AVH never happened.

But we still had that plaque.

So, in 1996, a brave group of 5 golfers -- Ron, Rick, Carmen, Keith, and Rob (but, ironically, not Andy) -- decided to try again and this time it happened. The very first AVH was held at the ___ course in VT.

Since then, the tournament, which is now commonly called "The AVH," has been held consistently every year in various locations around New England.

Die-hard AVH-ers

Ron and Rick are the only die-hard golfers to have played in every tourney since the inception.

The Tournament

The AVH was typically held the second Saturday in August until Carmen scheduled his wedding on the same day. Now, it is typically held on the first Saturday of August. The format is a two-man scramble with up to 16 golfers (or more) playing. For the safety of themselves and others, Andy and Mike can't be on the same team.